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— Tampa Bay Informer

 Forty Characters.

One Man.

One unforgettable performance.

— Southern Evening Echo
— Adelaide Theater Guide
— Michael Feinstein

"Little Tramp – The Musical", is a unique evening of Musical Theater which dramatizes, in song, the fascinating life story of the cinematic genius, Charlie Chaplin.

With Music, Lyrics and Co-book written by and starring Multi Platinum Award-winner, David Pomeranz (performing more than 40 characters), Little Tramp is a truly unique “tour de force” experience.

The show opens backstage at the Academy Awards ceremony in 1971 where Chaplin is to receive an honorary Life Achievement Award. Having been falsely accused of being a Communist and banned from re-entry into the United States 20 years earlier, the 82 year old Chaplin is both bitter and afraid as to how he'll be accepted by the crowd. He struggles with what to say to them when accepting the award ("Should I weep with delight or should I cry out with rage?") Left alone to rest, he falls asleep and, as recounts the events that lead him to this fateful moment, it finally becomes clear what he must do.

Part Concert; part Stage Musical, "Little Tramp" is an imaginative, emotional and inspiring journey that leaves the audience walking on air, humming its tunes, and in love with the artistry of the great Chaplin.

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~ The Music ~


~ In the Press ~

"Both David and the show are the epitome of artistry.  I can't say enough about the creativity and high caliber of the performance!  Everyone in our audience loved the show, and I received more unsolicited positive feedback from patrons than any show we have done."

— Batavia Center For The Performing Arts

 "Pomeranz has infused into this work some of the most beautiful and arousing songs you will want to hear again and again”.

 — Tampa Bay Informer

“A Wide­-ranging piece of work combining exuberance, charm and poignancy”

 — London Guardian

 “Straight from the heart...brilliant!”

 — Southern Evening Echo

“Pomeranz has written some exhilarating songs, which could easily become instant classics.”

 — Stage and Television Today

 “Pulsating...vibrant...progresses at a terrific pace with moments of pathos, ­ just like a Chaplin movie.”

 — The Herald

 “It is difficult to open up one’s creative heart and soul before an audience and to project the honesty and emotional sensitivity that Pomeranz possesses.” ­

— San Francisco Examiner

"How does one man tell the story of the world’s silent tramp in a ninety minute musical?...with a very clever script and a whole lot of talent. Like Chaplin, Pomeranz’s versatility extends to writing, music and acting and a dazzling score. A captivating testimonial to Chaplin and a superb display of Pomeranz’s theatrical wonder... A Must-See!”

 — Adelaide Theater Guide

 "Pomeranz spreads the love on opening night…his Chaplin is absolutely exquisite. Bravo!"

 — The Barefoot Review

"A great voice, staggering virtuosity on the piano, loads of charm and the ability to play forty roles in his musical, 'Little Tramp' - what more could you ask for? A truly terrific musical score, certainly one of the best I have heard in many years. Great entertainment (with) genuine show stoppers...a real treat.

— Melbourne Stage Whisperers


~ Celebrity Accolades ~

“The score is a knock­out...touching, clever, theatrical...wonderful!”

— Michael Feinstein

 “David Pomeranz is wonderfully talented!”

 — Mel Brooks  (Star of "Little Tramp", The Album)

 “I would give up all of my awards, and they are many, if I could do what David Pomeranz can do with his music.

 — Richard Harris  (Star of "Little Tramp", The Album)

 “David is inspiring!”

 — Barry Manilow

 “This young man has captured the soul of the man I knew so well.”

 — ­Jerry Epstein  (Charlie’s Associate Producer and “Right Hand” for more than 30 years)


~ Bio ~

Hailed by Billboard Magazine as, “one of our finer voices”, David Pomeranz’s songs and solo recordings have sold over 40 million copies worldwide (earning him a total of 18 Gold and 22 Platinum records) and his live concerts have delighted millions all over the world.

Recently in the studio with Ann Wilson (of “Heart”), where they recorded a duet of his new song for the upcoming Animated Feature, "MAX AND ME", David's compositions have been recorded and performed by scores of major artists including Barry Manilow (who's renditions of David's  "TRYIN' TO GET THE FEELING AGAIN"  and  "THE OLD SONGS" were both Number One hits),  Richie Sambora (of Bon Jovi), Missy Elliott (who sampled David's music for her hit single,  "ONE MINUTE MAN"), Richard Marx, Bette Midler, Kenny Loggins, Anna Nalik ("Breathe"), Isaac Hayes, Freddie Mercury, Kenny Rogers, Lea Salonga, Phoebe Snow, Clay Aiken, Billy Dean, The Hollies, The Muppets, John Denver, Grover Washington Jr., The Carpenters and dozens more.

As a solo artist, David has released nine solo albums including the classics,  "IT'S IN EVERY ONE OF US"  (Arista), "THE TRUTH OF US"  (Atlantic) - co-produced with legendary Paul Simon producer,  Roy Halee, “TIME TO FLY” (Decca) - featuring jazz greats Chick Corea and Billy Cobham, “ON THIS DAY” (MCA Universal), "THE EYES OF CHRISTMAS" (MCA Universal),and his groundbreaking, "BORN FOR YOU – HIS BEST AND MORE"  (MCA/Universal) which spawned the hits, “IF YOU WALKED AWAY”, “BORN FOR YOU, “KING AN QUEEN OF HEARTS” and  “GOT TO BELIEVE IN MAGIC” has sold over 500,000 copies in the Philippines alone, making it the largest selling International Pop album in the history of that country.

Of his concert performances, The San Francisco Examiner said it best: "It is difficult to open up one's creative heart and soul before an audience and to project the honesty and emotional sensitivity that Pomeranz possesses."  David has performed in concert with Josh Groban, Billy Joel, Rod Stewart, Air Supply, Lea Salonga and Steve Martin and has performed sold out concerts in such distinguished international venues as THE KENNEDY CENTER, THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL, THE LONDON HIPPODROME, THE UNIVERSAL AMPHITHEATER, New York's CITY CENTER, SYMPHONY HALL (Philadelphia), NASSAU COLISEUM, SEATTLE KINGDOME, THE ARANETA COLISEUM (Manila), Tokyo's BUDOKAN HALL (where he won the award for Outstanding Song" at the YAMAHA WORLD SONG FESTIVAL), THE MOSCOW SPORTS ARENA, OLYMPIC STADIUM (Munich), CHATHAM SQUARE (Hong Kong), HARRAH’S CASINO (Las Vegas) …and hundreds more.

Born in New York City and raised on Long Island, David showed signs of "things to come" by conducting to his parent's records on the playroom table and putting on shows for neighbors in the backyard. His first experiences singing in public were performing duets with his father in Synagogue and, before long, David learned to play the piano, taught himself to play guitar and drums and, by age 14, began writing his first songs. His teen years were spent playing in rock bands (including a stint as lead singer in the Cincinnati band, “East Orange Express”, which went on to become Pure Prairie League) until, at the tender age of 19, he got his first professional break when Decca records signed him to a multi-album solo contract.

Aside from his accomplishments in the Pop Music field, David has contributed music and lyrics for numerous major motion pictures including, “KING KONG" (penning lyrics to John Barry's haunting theme); "BIG", starring  Tom Hanks; Warner Bros.' "FIRE DOWN BELOW" (in collaboration with Steven Seagal and performed by Richie Sambora) and lyrics for the 8-song score of the Animated Feature, "THE PRINCESS AND THE PEA" (with Composer, Alan Williams). in 2007, David co-wrote the end-title song for the award-winning Sundance Documentary, "AS SEEN THROUGH THESE EYES", narrated by Maya Angelou and performed by Sony artist, Anna Nalick ("BREATHE”).

An Emmy Award nominee for his song work on Television, David's songs have been featured on "AMERICAN IDOL", "WILL AND GRACE", THE SUMMER OLYMPIC GAMES”, "BOSTON LEGAL", the award-winning PBS classic Children's Series, "ZOOBILEE ZOO" starring, Ben Vereen and Showtime’s “ELVIS PRESLEY’S GRACELAND”, for which he composed the score. As a vocalist, his was the voice heard each week singing the theme, “NOTHING’S GONNA STOP ME NOW”, to the popular hit ABC series,  "PERFECT STRANGERS".

In the world of Musical Theatre, David composed the songs for two Stage Musicals in collaboration with Lyricist/ Bookwriter, Kathie Lee Gifford - “UNDER THE BRIDGE” (which premiered Off-Broadway in January, 2005) and the partial score, along with David Friedman, for the Tony-nominated, “SCANDALOUS" which opened on Broadway at the Neil Simon Theater in November of 2012. The Original Cast album of “SCANDALOUS” is out now on Sony/Shout! Records.

His other Musical Theater projects include contributing songs for the West End London hit, “TIME” (produced by Dave Clark and which starred Cliff Richard and Sir Laurence Olivier and ran for two years at the Dominion Theatre), composing the music for the Charles Dickens classic, “A TALE OF TWO CITIES” which opened at London's Charing Cross Theatre in April of 2012, directed by Paul Nicholas, and as Composer, Lyricist and Co-Book writer of "LITTLE TRAMP", a musical based on the life of the cinematic legend,  Charlie Chaplin. "TRAMP"'s UK premiere led Warner  Records to record a celebrity studio album of the featured songs from the show starring Richard Harris, Mel Brooks, Petula Clark, Tim Curry, Treat Williams, Peter Duncan, Lea Salonga and David, himself (David presently performs his own one-man version of the show in which he portrays all 40 characters touring Theaters and Performing Arts Centers throughout the United States and Australia.)

His most recent Musical Theater project is as Composer/ Lyricist for, "THE KISS", a new Broadway-bound Musical Comedy in collaboration with Academy Award winner, Will Vinton.